Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jeff Jarrett King of The Mountain DVD Review

I was sent an advance copy of the new Jeff Jarrett: King of The Mountain DVD.

Let me go on record and say that before I viewed this DVD, I respected Jarrett, but I wasn't a fan. That all changed after listening to the commentary and watching the matches.

Here's the full review:

If you’re looking for a way to escape the rigors of everyday life, take a trip down memory lane with the brand new Jeff Jarrett: King of The Mountain.

What’s refreshing about the four-disc set is that it not only takes you through the life and career of TNA founder Jeff Jarrett, but it simultaneously takes you through the development of TNA as a company.

Whether you’re a new TNA fan or simply want to relive the good old days, sit back as Jarrett personally walks you through his career.

A treat for fans of all levels, Jarrett discusses everything from his love for sports, to the hardships of being a promoter’s kid, to entering the business and the road stories fans love to hear.

As Jarrett narrates both his life and his career, we see the stories brought to life as the matches are carefully woven inbetween stories, all of which are backed by insight from the men who were there.

Scott Steiner, Jim Cornette, Sting, and others share their stories of a skinny little kid from Henderson, Tennessee who went on to found the company they would later call home.

You might be shocked to know all the great stars that went through his father's territory where he mastered his craft. Sid Vicious, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Road Warriors and much more. And much like his father's territory, TNA also started with the business's current and future legends.

How did Jarrett get his start? Where did he get his strut? How did it make him feel to compete after Owen’s accident?

All of these sought-after questions and more are answered.

Jeff Jarrett: The King of The Mountain has everything fans could want, from the matches they love to the ones they’ve never seen, inside commentary, and hours upon hours of pure wrestling.

And if you’re not a Jeff Jarrett fan, by the end of this DVD, you will be.

With over 13 hours of matches and commentary, you will quickly lose track of time as you travel through triumph and tragedy.

Remenise with Jeff Jarrett vs Jerry Lawler (1988) and Jeff Jarrett & Bill Dundee vs. Gary Young and Cactus Jack. And the excitement continues with TNA's first ever PPV and battles AJ Styles (2003), Samoa Joe (2006), Sting (2006), Sting (2006) and dozens more.

This DVD is a must-add for anyone who collects wrestling tapes or for anyone interested in learning what this crazy business is all about.

The four-disc set goes on sale April 14, and you don’t want to be the last one in line for this one.

Daris Brown
Hit The Ropes Radio

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