Thursday, December 24, 2009

ECW Recap 12/22/09: The Nickel - A Swagger-rific Homecoming

Written by Albert Dankwa


Homecoming Video Packages and Hype: It's still early on in the in the tourney, but ECW is at least doing what they can pushing it as hard as they can hyping it up all throughout the night. The entire land of extreme revolves around this tournament right now and it's a good thing while it lasts.

Abe Washington: The show would be completely horrible without his punchlines tonight. Abe Wash is the man, enough said. It's still pretty amazing how Abe can instantly switch from heel to tweener to face at almost any given moment?

Edge of The Nickel:

Baretta and Croft: I like the team, but they weren't really that good on Abe's show. They put down Miz and Morrison along with The Hart Dynasty, but it didn't really go anywhere. The only good thing they did was verbally attack Tony Atlas telling him he's old and no one cares about him anymore when the subject if Tag Team titles came out. How can attend next year's ECW Homecoming if A) The tag champs are never on ECW and B) ECW will probably be long gone by then?

Still Aiming: What is it that Vance Archer is aiming for? I want to be interested in his character, but I'm not too sure. A dull and predictable win against Goldust doesn't help things either. Josh Matthew and Byron Saxton's dubbing Archer as a "Masterpiece of Agony" wasn't too shabby.

Rising Son: Yoshi and Swagger delivered an alright match. Yoshi started out offensively with his swift kicks, but Swagger caught a leg lifting him up in the process and ramming him right into the turnbuckle. Swagger got technical and kept on Yoshi continuously knocking him down before Yoshi turned the tables leaving Swagger in the corner in shock at how tough his opponent was before going to a commercial break, perfect timing.

The match resumes with Swagger overpowering Yoshi killing his leg barrage attempts and keeping him grounded. He proceeds to do push ups garnering some heat. Yoshi finally gets his legs moving after he kicks a rushing Swagger at the corner. He hits do kicks and a dropkick. Yoshi takes control of the match with multiple near falls until he was put out of his misery with the Roundhouse kick for the win.


Starless Standards: Jack Swagger coming "home" if that is what you want to call it is fine, but what in the world was the reasoning behind a show where William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, and Christian weren't in action? At least one of them could have been in a match and I'm not including Benjamin's dark match against a now heel Tyler Reks. It is understandable that Christian and Benjamin should have some time to heal their wounds, but what happened to wanting to keep the ratings afloat? (assuming that is what they are aiming for). To top it all off Swagger gets pinned in one move. I'll be surprised if the ratings aren't atrocious this week.

Boulevard of Broken Dreamer(s): An ECW without Tommy Dreamer is like peanut butter without jelly. Dreamer hasn't played in significant role at all since his last ECW championship run that lasted from Extreme Rules until Night of Champions, but regardless of the role he played or didn't play he was ECW. Dreamer winning wasn't expected, but It couldn't have hurt to let the man exit on a good note instead of jobbing him out to Ryder of all people. It really looks like this show is coming to an end.

Swagger-rific: It's scary thinking that Swagger has to be on ECW to get some airtime, what was the point of getting drafted to RAW then?

Line(s) of The Night: "He used to call me all the time before his wife took his phone and knocked him upside his head" - Abraham Washington on Tiger Woods

"There's nothing wrong with playing 18 holes" - Abraham Washington on Tiger Woods

"I support Tiger Woods, us pimps gotta support each other!" - Abraham Washington on Tiger Woods

"Telling me how it's possible that your still running this place?" - Jack Swagger to Tiffany

Match Rundown:

Zack Ryder Def. Tommy Dreamer Match Rating - 1 star out of 5 stars

Vance Archer Def. Goldust (ECW Homecoming Tournament Match) Match Rating - 1.5 stars out of 5

Yoshi Tatsu Def. Jack Swagger (ECW Homecoming Tournament Match) Match Rating - 3 stars out of 5

Extreme Eight

1. Abraham Washington (Saved the entire show from falling under the "Tails" category)

2. Yoshi Tatsu (Somehow, someway, Yoshi is still in the spotlight)

3. Christian

4. Shelton Benjamin

5. Hurricane (ECW is still safe...for now)

6. Ezekiel Jackson

7. William Regal

8. Vance Archer

TNA Fires Bashir. Top 5 Talents TNA Should Sign

TNA is cleaing house, again, in attempt to make room for new talent. Last Thursday, we saw the TNA Knockout division get a boost with the return of Roxxi, but that's only a start of the changes. Sunday night, Sheik Abdul Bashir pulled down the Fired case and it's time for him to exit the six-sided ring for good. (It's been reported that Bashir asked his release and his wish was granted.)

But it looks as quickly as Bashir is leaving, TNA may be looking to bring in new talent. And no, I'm not referring to Hulk Hogan's fogey friends. Jeremy Borash posted on his Twitter page a pic of ROH's Young Bucks, who are today's version of the Hardy Boyz, were wrestling the Motor City Machine Guns. What a match up.

So assuming that TNA are smart enough to snatch up those two hot young stars, here are the top 5 free agents TNA should sign...Fogeys included.

5) Phil Shatter

While TNA typically goes for wrestlers who'd fit the X-Division mold, minus ex-WWE stars, Phil Shatter would be a wonderful breath of fresh air. After years of dominating the Indy Circuit, this big mamoth could test his power against TNA's best. Wondering about his crudentials? APW Chester Heavyweight Champion, NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship, NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Championship and current NWA National Heavyweight Championship (now for the second time), just to name a few of his championship reigns.

4) The TJ and Kirby Mack - Team MackTionTeam Macktion

This brother duo is not another flash in the pan tag team. TJ and Kirby Mack are a fast paced tag team that will have you on your feet from bell to bell. Krazy K and The Encore's arsenal of "did you see that" moves will make for amazing bouts with lightweights like MCMG all the way up to Team 3D. And if you heard them on Hit The Ropes Radio you know just how down to earth they are... and how funny they can be. Hilarious and talented. A dangerous combination.

3) Ken Anderson

Now I'm not the big fan of Ken Anderson. I think he has great charisma on the mic. And his in-ring is probably a little underrated as it's overshadowed by multiple mistakes, so TNA would be the perfect place for him to shine. And yeah, we get it already. You have a great announcing voice. But if you don't hurry up and make an Impact that's about all you'll be able to do.

2) Chris Hero

It's hard to say more than HTR's Samantha Allen stated about Chris Hero in her article Hero is the New Jericho. Chris Hero is a great talent and the article sparked some debate from both Chris Jericho and Chris Hero via Twitter. If TNA can't get their hands on the Lionheart, they can't go wrong with the new Chris in pro wrestling.

1) RVD

Reportedly one of the number one wrestlers on Hulk Hogan's to get list, RVD is a must sign for TNA. Yeah, he's 39 but he still got unbelievable star power. Just take his one and done appearance at the WWE's Royal Rumble last year. The wrestling world was set on fire with questions of his permanent return. But at the time, his wife was just recovering from her fight with cancer, and he had no desire to get back to a full schedule. With TNA, RVD has the flex of a relaxed schedule and he'd be guaranteed a top spot, unlike the WWE which may or may not be the case.

Just think of the wonders RVD could do as X-Division champion. He could hold on to it forever, much like he did with the ECW Television title, and elevate it to a whole new level. His matches with AJ Styles, Daniels, Jay Lethal and Kurt Angle is a match of the night for every card.