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Hit The Ropes Radio Interviews ROH's Prince Nana

Hit The Ropes Radio recently had a chance to interview Ring of Honor’s Prince Nana. He took us through his plans now that ROH’s on HDNet, who’d he like to get his hands on and more. Check it out.

Hit The Ropes Radio: We’re on the line with none other than Ring of Honor’s Prince Nana. Prince Nana, how’s it going?
Prince Nana: Who the heck am I talking to? That’s number one. That’s what I need to know. Who am I speaking to?

HTR: Wait, you come on our show and you’re showing disrespect, Nana?
PN: Disrespect? Disrespect? Number one. Let me tell you something, my friend. I’m in the middle of a huge deal with one of my street agents here in New York City. And I’m told to give a call to you guys? For what? You guys know my whole bio already, huh?

HTR: Because we’re the best thing on the internet, that’s why.
PN: Oh, yeah? That’s good to know. Now let’s get on with the interview, my friend. Unbelievable.

HTR: Now, Nana, we saw you on HDNet. Ring of Honor’s got a new TV show. What does that mean for you? You were broke not too long ago. Now you’ve got your riches back.
PN: Let me tell you, my friend, the big time has come for Prince Nana. I’ve always been big time. But, you know, I was going through some problems for three years with my family back home in Ghana.
But now things have changed, my friend. The storylines have changed. There are different things going on that, let me tell you. I’ve been a great, great effort for The Embassy. Did I make any sense just now?

HTR: Yes, I understood you completely. You’re on HDNet and you’ve got your Embassy back. What’s your plan for the Embassy?
PN: My plan for my friend is to finally get those championship belts. This is the reason why I’m in this company in the first place. The reason why I’m in the Ring of Honor is because the Ring of Honor title means everything right now in the pro wrestling business.And for it to be a part of the Embassy is truly, truly going to be a tear in my eye. A tear in my eye.

HTR: A tear in your eye? Well, I know that means that’s really special, and right now Jerry Lynn just beat Nigel McGuiness for the belt. Who in the Embassy can beat him for the title?
PN: Well, right now I can’t disclose that type of information to you. Right now, the Embassy is assembled with three of the best wrestlers. Number one, Byson Smith, all the way from Noah. Number two, the crown jewel of the Embassy, Jimmy Rave.
And number three my personal assistant—ha ha ha!—Ernie Osiris. With those three in the group right now, things are going to change. Just like Obama said, "Change has come." Ha ha ha ha!

HTR: That's a monster, I’ll tell you—that Smith character. I’ve seen him powerbomb the hell out of some people.
PN: Oh, yeah, were you at the show in New York City? That poor little guy who tried to help out Brian Danielson— did you see how he smacked against the floor? If you haven’t seen it go check it out on the ROH Newswire.

HTR: You lost your riches at one point. How, exactly, did you get them back?
PN: Well, my friend, because of the high connections I have all over the world and in the wrestling business, things were able to come through. I was able to communicate privately with a few of the associates that I’ve been working with over the years.
And I was able to reintroduce what it is that we do. And I’ve also spoken to some of the higher-ups in the royal family to get the OK. And I’ve begun to have some sort of support from the royal family. I will be making a trip back to Ghana at the end of the month. So, when I return, there will be a lot more in store.

HTR: Are you going to stick with the core that you have, or will you be adding new members to the Embassy?
PN: As of now, it’s looking like it will be just these guys aligned with us in the Embassy. A lot of tapes have been sent to our new New York office—a lot of tapes with people who’ve been in big companies, from the WWE and ECWA. I’m getting tapes, resumés, and love letters from these idiots.
It’s crazy, but the only direction we’re going with it is up. Believe me, as I said earlier, things are going to change.

HTR: I believe Shane (our co-host) sent in a tape, but he hasn’t heard anything back.
PN: I still have jobs available. I need someone to wash Ernie’s feet before and after the matches. If you want the job, then I’ll bring you down to the next show. Do you want me to book you a ticket to Canada? We have Canada this weekend. Do you want to come?

To wash your feet?
PN: That’s what I said. Yes, for Ernie Osiris.

HTR: That’s really tempting, but I’m looking at my calendar and I can’t get away next week. I still want to be in the Embassy, but I need to take a rain check.
PN: Unbelievable. I’ll get someone to cover your post. You have the job, but it doesn’t pay much.

HTR: Well, Prince Nana, we want to put you in the hot seat. Are you up for the challenge?
PN: As long as you do it within about 20 seconds. It’s looking like all my girlfriends in the great city of New York are looking to give me a call, and you’re holding up my booty call time.

HTR: OK, who’s your favorite opponent?
PN: My favorite opponent ever is Cheetah Master of ECWA.

HTR: Who would you like to face that you haven’t yet faced?
PN: I’d have to say Brian Danielson.

HTR: If you weren’t a pro wrestler, then what would you be?
PN: I would probably be Puff Daddy in another life.

HTR: Barrack Obama or Bill Clinton?
PN: I’d have to go with Bill Clinton because he got the job done with that assistant in his office. I have to give it up for that. He’s half-black for doing that.

HTR: If a movie was made about your life, who would play you?
PN: I’d have to say, who the hell would I want to play me? Ricky Rourke, he’d play me.

HTR: Ricky Rourke? Oh, Mickey Rourke.
He just needs a very very dark tan and he’ll be OK.

HTR: If you can go one-on-one with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
PN: Most likely it would have to be that fool from that show 106 and Park. I want to get my hands on him because I don’t like the way he talks to his fans. His name is Terrance Jenkins. I’ll beat him down all across the stage and kiss his girl all over the stage, too.

HTR: We’ll see if we can arrange it.
PN: Arrange it. It needs to happen to that fool.

HTR: One of our listeners wanted to ask you about shrimp cocktail.
PN: Who is this? Who the heck wants to know about this luxurious meal?

HTR: One of our great listeners.
PN: If you want to know about the shrimp cocktail, you have to come down to our new apartment complex on Lexington Avenue, where I am right now. One of my chefs will cook something up for you.
We’ll give you a full shrimp, a chopped up shrimp, a spicy shrimp, curry shrimp, Chinese shrimp, anything you want, alright. But always the cocktail is in there, you understand what I’m saying?

HTR: We understand, and we’re not going to hold you up all night. You say you have your ladies you need to get to.
PN: All night long. You hear them in the background, right? But before I let you go, let me explain something to you. There is serious business that needs to be completed. That way, if you’re looking into the record books, then you can see the history that has been made.

This history will be a heck of a lot better. I hope all of you fools at home are watching those stupid DVDs, HDNet, or going to the Ring of Honor Web site to see the real time maturity of Prince Nana and his Embassy.
You has better catch us, because we’re going to tear up Ring of Honor. The only thing that matters is the title. Once it’s a part of The Embassy, it will truly be over.

HTR: Wow. That’s quite a statement.
PN: And that’s not a joke. I’m being very real with you. Isn’t that how they say it in New York City? Let’s keep it real? Huh?

HTR: Keep it real. Well, Prince Nana…
PN: (To someone in the distance) Hold up, I’m coming right now.

It's even funnier to hear, check the YouTube clip.

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