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Hit The Ropes, Debra to TNA Interview

Hit The Ropes Radio
recently got the chance to sit down with Debra as she tells us why she wants the fans to help her get into TNA. You might know Debra from her days with the Four Horseman in WCW, as a valet for Jeff Jarrett in the WWE or as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ex-wife. But no matter how you know her, you won’t soon forget her. Here’s the interview without further ado.

Hit The Ropes Radio: Debra, how are you doing?
Debra: I am great. I just moved back to Alabama.

HTR: Now Debra, there’s a rumbling on the Internet that you’re on a quest to go to TNA.
D: Yes, I definitely think they need me on there. They need somebody like me with a mature leadership quality. Especially, I was married to Stone Cold Steve Austin. I definitely know the top of the business. I’ve seen it all in wrestling. I’ve worked with the top tier people.

HTR: You’ve worked with Jeff Jarrett, you were his manager for a time. He’s a big dog down there in TNA. I assume you’re on good terms with him, correct.
You know what, we are. We’re really good friends. I think a lot of people can relate to this. We have our career and our friendship too. But I keep it separate. My business part is my business side. And our friendship, I don’t cross that line of asking him about the business.

This way the fans can have a part in bringing me back. Because I know that the fans love being involved. All the years I worked in wrestling I was really good with including with the fans. It’s fun, that’s why they watch wrestling. Especially when they can interact with a wrestling superstar.

And if everyone emails TNA and say we want Debra then they can make it happen.

HTR: So you’re on a quest. To have the fans email and request you back to see if they’ll listen to the fans?
D: Well this business is about making money and if the fans realy want to see me, I’ve proven I was a moneymaker in the past. Cause one thing I’m good at is causing trouble. And I’m definitely good at being entertaining. The Fans know that. And I can talk some smack. I remember when I was Queen Debra in WCW I would write all my lines. That’s all stuff I had written. Right before the show, then I’d jump in on those live interviews with the Four Horsemen. And get into Queen Debra mode.

HTR: You can definitely hold your own. Well who there in TNA who would you aid or put into their place?
D: You know what? I’d like to put all the females in place. Because Debra finishes second, I come in first. I don’t play. Females I can chew them up and spit them out. I don’t play. I have the maturity in my favor. I don’t play.

Now Debra Awesome Kong is a big girl. You can handle her?
D: Well remember, I wrestled up against Nicole Bass before? I had to go up against Stephanie McMahon, I’m tough. The fans need to write and get me up there.

For the neighsayers out there, not to put your age out there, but you’re over fourty. Why should they bring you in?
D: Because you need a mature women with leadership. You can’t just girls in their 20s. You need a mature women, a business women to come in take control here. You have to have to have an interesting quality to hit the demographics. You need that mature women too.

HTR: You’ve been there with the Four Horsemen, Jeff Jarrett and other greats, you definitely have the experience.
D: And being married to Steve Austin, one thing I was around the McMahon’s all the time flying on the jets, around the Rock, around Steve constantly. I’d hear Steve talk business and seeing how the business works. Those young girls don’t have that. Yeah I’m older, but I can still talk some smack and back it up with my knowledge.

HTR: It’s more than just smack, there are a lot of men who are looking at Ms. Debra and there not seeing the older women.
D: Well that’s right. Because I don’t dare look my age. Thank God for good genetics. I could’ve pulled it off before, but thanks to the Internet you can’t lie about things, darn it. (laughing).

HTR: What has been your most memorable moment in wrestling moment so far?
D: It would have to be my last Wrestlemania I did with the storeyline with Steve Austin and the Rock. That was pretty sensational. That one ranks right up there.

And then of course when I won the belt in 1999 from Sable. The women’s championship belt. And even working with the Four Horsemen. And being such a heel, it was so. Oh, and working with Rick Flair, he was so much fun. I remember when I worked with Goldberg. A lot of people forget I was the one who forgot I was the one who gave him a chance to walk out on TV when he stole Steve McMichael’s Super Bowl ring. Remember that way, way back? I have worked with some huge things.

HTR: A lot of people would be envious of your success.
D: Well I guess, being I was first married to all-pro defensive tackle with Steve McMichael. With the Bears, he won the Super Bowl. I was married to him for 13 years, around that for 13 years, and boom get into WCW. And the Four Horseman.

The vary first time I walked out in wrestling was in Vegas at Ceasar Palace with Hulk Hogan, his wife Linda, Women, Miss Elizabeth and myself. That was the very first time I walked out.

And I remember, when I was married to Steve McMichael, he did the Lawrence Taylor all-pro team with Reggie White. And that was my first experience with WWE, and Steve was still playing ball.

HTR: Now you’ve been an NFL wife and a Wrestling wife. What’s more hectic?
D: Uh, the wrestling, trust me. I’ll tell you what’s crazy, being a wife and a superstar yourself, and married to a superstar. That’s crazy.

An NFL wife is fun. You’re going to the Super Bowl, riding in parades with confetti going through downtown Chicago; you’re having this wonderful life that’s unreal. And then you go to wrestling and which bizarre, but fun. It’s like a soap opera.

HTR: When Steve McMichael came to WCW, was it always the plan for you to come on air or did it just happen?
D: It sorta just happened. Steve was there and my background I’ve studied at Lee Strasberg, a theater school in New York City. And when they decided to turn Steve McMichael in with the Four Horsemen, and they decided to use me to work alongside of them, and I remember when I became Queen Debra, I kept bugging Eric Bischoff, “Please just give me a chance. I know I don’t have a wrestling background. I’ll even work for free for a while if I can show you I can be over with the fans.” And he did and said “okay I want you to be Queen Debra. I want you to be this heel. I want you to be this really obnoxious southern belle beauty queen who brags on yourself.” And I hit it.

I wrote my own lines and became the Queen Debra and I was major heel and he offered me contract. I worked about 5 months for free. And everyone said you’re doing this for free, you’re crazy. And you know what? Look what happened. I got a contract and ended up getting a contract with the WWE. And I don’t have a wrestling background.

Apparently you didn’t need one.
D: Well I had to fill my weak spot with my knowledge, and I’m very confident, and I’m a BSer. So I had to use my power points at other parts.

HTR: Unfortunately we’ve ran out of time. But we hope everyone goes to and tells them they want Debra in TNA. Debra, we hope to see you on TNA television.
D: I hope so too.

HTR: Thanks for coming on.
D: Thank you. Take care.

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