Monday, January 26, 2009

One-On-One Interview with TNA's Consequence Creed

For those who are not familiar with TNA's fastest rising star, Consequences Creed, here's you're catch me up before the interview:

He first debuted in TNA as a replacement for NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones in the TNA World Tag Team Championship bout at “Bound For Glory” in 2007. Athletic, energetic and charismatic Creed has been labeled as one of the best new talents in professional wrestling.

Since joining the ranks of TNA, Creed has competed for the X Division Championship on several occassions, and defended his immense patriotism and love of America when he squared off against Sheik Abdul Bashir. With youth and pure talent on his side, Creed has shown his determination to show TNA fans and the world how to face “The Consequences”. He is currently a member of the Frontline opposing the Main Event Mafia bid to rule over TNA. -TNA

Without further ado, here's the interview with TNA star Consequences Creed.

Daris Brown: Fill us in with your background. When did you first realize pro wrestling?

Consequences Creed: I don’t know a time where I didn’t like wrestling. I always watched it with my friends. We’d pitch in to buy PPVs, throwing in like $5 for a pizza. I don’t know, it’s just always something I loved.

DB: I read that you made a promise to yourself that you’d be signed before you graduated college. What was like juggling wrestling and school books?

CC: Aww man, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Going to class and hitting the road. I majored in both Psychology and Philosophy so it was tough.

DB: Now your wrestling style is like a throwback to the 80s. You know, Rocky Johnson and the way he shuffled. Who had the greatest impact in your career?

CC: My favorite wrestler was 2 Cold Scorpio because he has a unique style. I can’t do all the things that he can do, but I’ve always admired him. But also Booker T, Kurt Angle, and Sting. I watched all those guys growing up. So it's great being here and getting to work with these guys.

DB: I saw on TNA Rough Cuts that you said if you were not a pro wrestler you’d work with autistic children. Was there someone or an event in your life that drew you to that line of work?

CC: One of my psychiatry classes that I took my senior year featured autism. And when I found there wasn’t as much help as there needed to be it drew me to it. And I enjoy helping others. It’s really fulfilling. More so than working at a daycare, because with autism patients you’re creating relationships. You get a one-on-one bond with the kids, parents and family that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

DB: How’d you come to teaming with Jay Lethal? Was it your idea or managements?

CC: Management actually put us together, but I love it because Jay’s one of my closest friends in the TNA locker room. We have good chemistry and we’re looking to do big things in the tag team division.

DB: TNA’s bread and butter has been the X-Division since day one. It’s what separates TNA from the WWE. But lately the X-Division has taken a back seat to the veterans. Do you think that needs to change?

CC: I hope so because that’s what they’re known for. They put together some very creative matches. Fast paced and it keeps fans on their feet.

Rapid Fire Questions

DB: Who’s your favorite opponent?

CC: I’d have to say Petey Williams we’ve had some good matches. Or Sheik Abdul Bashire.

DB: Who haven’t you faced that you’d like to tie up with?

CC: Kurt Angle. I’ve got to work with him a bit, but not for a long time. I’d like to get in there with him again.

DB: Best thing about being a pro wrestler?

CC: It’s everything I wanted to be. I enjoy it on my days off and I never have a bad day at work. I think about wrestling when I'm off and enjoy it a whole lot.

DB: Worst thing about being a pro wrestler? Everything’s good and what I’d hope it would be.

CC: If you had to start your own promotion, who would be the first person you’d sign? Why?

CC: Me, I got bills to pay man.

DB: If They Made A Movie Of Your Life, Who Would Play You and Who Plays Supporting Roles?

CC: Corbin Bleu, the kid from High School Musical. And as far as the supporting roles... I'd have to say my friend Brandon. He’d demand to play himself.

DB: What’s one thing your fans would be surprised to find out about you?

CC: I love the 90s and everything from that era that I grew up on.

Wrap Up

DB: What do you want your legacy to be when it’s all said and done?

CC: That I was a good guy and respectful. Eager to learn.

DB: Any advice to those thinking about getting into the business?

CC: If you’re gonna do it do, you have to put your heart into it. Don’t let anything knock you off your path. Your only going to get out what you put in. So stay focused and don't give up.

DB: Against All Odds is approaching, what can we expect from you on the card?

CC: Walk out of there with the tag team titles. Jay and I just won the number one contenders match and we're going to get our belts back.

DB: Anything you’d like to share with your fans?

CC: Stay in school

DB: Thanks for your time and good luck at Against All Odds.

CC: No problem.

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