Monday, January 26, 2009

Interview with ROH's Nigel McGuinness

Recently I got the chance to interview Ring of Honor's Heavyweight Champion, Nigel McGuinness via email.

For those who aren't familiar with the Nigel McGuinness, just YouTube him and you'll see just why he's set the independent wrestling scene on fire.

Born in London, England the 6'1" 220lbs phenom made quick work of legendary Les Thatcher's wrestling school.He has made his way, holding world titles everywhere he's gone.

Known for his Jawbreaker lariat, carefree attitude and his in your face style, this spiked hair warrior from across the pond is as fierce as he is cocky.

He's had notable feuds with Brian Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli.

But without further delay, here's what Nigel McGuinness had to say:

Daris Brown: I read you became a serious fan after attending the SummerSlam PPV where Bret Hart battled British Bulldog. What gave you the confidence to think you could fly to the US and succeed as a professional wrestler?
Nigel McGuinness: Movies. Hope.

DB: Who has had the greatest impact in your career?
NM: Les Thatcher. Shark Boy. William Regal. Samoa Joe. Bryan Danielson.

DB: Why is it that we see long title reigns, such as yours in ROH, where in WWE and TNA the belt changes every other month?
NM: Just a difference of philosophy.

DB: Who’s your favorite opponent?
NM: Clamdigger Danielson.

DB: Who haven’t you faced that you’d like to tie up with?
NM: John Cena on PPV.

DB: You’ve been one of the longest reigning champions in ROH, defeated the best the business has to offer, what’s left for you to do there?
NM: Create a legacy, best Joe's record.

DB: If you weren’t a pro wrestler, how would you make a living?
NM: Writer, salesman, barman.

DB:Best thing about being a pro wrestler?
NM: It's what I always wanted to do.

DB: Worst thing about being a pro wrestler?
NM: Destroying your body.

DB: If you had to start your own promotion, who would be the first person you’d sign? Why?
NM: Dragon. 2nd best wrestler in the world.
DB: What’s one thing your fans would be surprised to find out about you?
NM: I like classical music.

DB: What’s the best road story you can share?
NM: Nothing worth writing.

DB: You’ve appeared in both the WWE and TNA for brief stints, with your huge success in the independents, why haven’t you been signed by the “big two” yet?
NM: If you figure it out let me know.

DB: Any advice to those thinking about getting into the business?
NM: Don't. Unless you a. look like Brock Lesnar, or b. don't care if you make money at it.

DB: Anything you’d like to share with your fans?
NM: Their disrespect.

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