Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview with TNA's Monster, Abyss

I recently got to square off with TNA's Abyss via phone interview, not the squared circle, where he revealed the misconsieved world that makes up the Monster Abyss.

For those who aren't familiar with the 6'8" 350 pounder, Abyss is a former World Heavyweight Champion, former World Tag Champion and is widely regarded as one of the greatest big men the sport has ever seen due to his "dominant force of pure destruction in hardcore match-ups." (TNA)

I sat down to get to know the Monster, and boy did I ever. Check it out:

Daris Brown: Everyone is familiar with your TNA accomplishments. You’re a former World Heavyweight Champion and former World Tag Champion, how did you come to debut in TNA? What was your big break?

Abyss: I got my big break while working for IWA. I was spotted by Dutch Mantel and he helped me make the transition to TNA.

DB: You won your world title from one of the legends of this business Sting, what was that like?

A: That was an unforgettable night for me. To work with Sting was a true honor. He’s one of the legends in this business and I just enjoyed every minute of it.

DB: We’ve talked about your championships but another one of your accolades is being one of the toughest wrestlers in the biz. You’ve been in table matches, ripped with barb wires, stuck with glass, punctured with tax and bloodied beyond recognition. What is your mind set going into these hardcore matches?

A: I just snap into being Abyss. You know going into these hardcore matches that there’s a good chance that you could get hurt. And you prepare yourself for those moments. But I don’t worry too much about them.

DB: Has there been a time where you just finished a Monster’s Ball match or a match involving tables and tacks that you look back and say “why in the world did I just do that?”

DB:No. Never. I just say wow I could’ve been hurt worse. I’ve been hurt on many occasions but I always know there’s a potential for me being hurt much worse.

DB: Speaking of brutal stuff. You’ve recently been teaming up with “The Blue Print” Matt Morgan. The two of you are huge powerful guys. You should be running through the tag team division. Instead, he turns on you. What’s next for the two of you? Can you forgive and forget or did he Cross the Line?

A: He Crossed the Line. This time I can’t forgive him.

DB: Well will you take out your frustrations by taking him to your world, say Monsters Ball or something of that nature?

A: If I have my choice it will be a Monsters Ball match. Because Matt Morgan has unleashed the old Abyss and for that he will have to pay.

DB: Okay, before we go into our rapid fire questions there’s something I have to know, what’s up with the mask? What are you hiding?

A: I’m not hiding anything. The mask is a symbol for Abyss. It symbolizes everything I’ve gone through and everything I’ve become. You see, Abyss is a simple person with an intelligent mind. He’s very kind. And the mask more of a symbol and it isn’t hiding anything.

Rapid Fire Questions

A: AJ Styles

DB: Who haven’t you faced that you’d like to tie up with?

DB:Mick Foley

DB: Best thing about being a pro wrestler?

DB: Being in the best business there is. It’s the greatest.

DB: Worst thing about being a pro wrestler?

A: I don’t think there is one.

DB: If you had to start your own promotion, who would be the first person you’d sign? Why?

A: Sting. He’s a legend in this business and could help it get off the ground.

DB: If They Made A Movie Of Your Life, Who Would Play You and Who Plays Supporting Roles?

A: Ahh, you got me there. I don’t know. Let’s just go with Brad Pitt. He kinda looks like me.

DB: What’s one thing your fans would be surprised to find out about you?

A: I have a huge heart. I’m a very nice person.

DB: If You Could Go One on One with Any Celebrity, Who Would You Choose and Why?

A: What do you mean by that?

DB: You can take it any way you want.

A: [laughs] Kim Kardashian. I couldn’t stand next to her beauty but…


DB: Who’s your favorite opponent? DB: What’s the best road story you can share?

A: in 1998 I went to a show in Nebraska. And I had to ride 17 hours lying in the back of a flatbed from Ohio to Nebraska in November.

DB: What do you want your legacy to be when it’s all said and done?

A: I want everyone to consider me as one of the best big men in the business. I also want TNA and the fans to see I gave 100%. And also that I was one of the premier hardcore wrestlers.

DB: So you embrace being known for hardcore wrestling? I know Mick Foley has said that he kinda shies away from it as he doesn’t want to only be known for as a hardcore wrestler.

A: And the same thing goes for me. But I’m proud of what I’ve done and the respect that goes along with it.

DB: February 8 is the Against All Odds PPV, what can we expect from you on the card?

A: You can expect the Matt Morgan and I are going to revolutionize how the big men square off. And know I don’t want to just beat Matt I want to destroy him.

DB: Any advice to those thinking about getting into the business?

A: Do things right. Do your research and pick a credible school. And don’t let anyone discourage you along the way.

DB: Anything you’d like to share with your fans?

A: Thank you for supporting TNA. Thank you for supporting Abyss. And you can look for big things from Abyss in 2009!

DB: Thanks for your time

A: No problem man.


  1. abyss you rock keep up the hard work and you are the best wrestler i seen in decades

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  3. Abyss you are my favorite wrestler destroy aj styles please send him threw the floor like you did to rick flair