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Second 2 None – World’s Greatest Tag Teams DVD Review

Second 2 None – World’s Greatest Tag Teams DVD Review
Daris Brown
Hit The Ropes Radio

Myrtle Beach, SC (May 20, 2009)—TNA Wrestling recently released its two-disc set featuring a look at their tag team division. Second 2 None – World’s Greatest Tag Teams allows fans to relive all the great tag team battles from Pay Per Views and Impacts starting from 2007 and leading up to today’s current storylines.

What makes this DVD a must watch is the inside commentary from the guys who battled it out in the ring. The first DVD kicks off with the 21-time tag team champions, Team 3D as they looked back on their legendary career before they entered TNA, and all of their great matches since their arrival. As always, TNA does a great job of intertwining commentary and wrestling matches, which helps you gain valuable insight to the matches. You get a real sense of accomplishment as Team 3D talks about finally capturing their first TNA tag titles from LAX. The first disc seamlessly transitions into the Motor City Machine Guns’ story.

Unlike Team 3D, Motor City Machine Guns features a tag team that is just starting to make a name for themselves. Viewers will discover how the tag team was put together in Japan and how they transition from single competitors to TNA’s hottest young tag team. Viewers will get a kick out of the fast paced style exhibited in their bout with Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. And they will see why they’ve garnered so much respect with their feud with Team 3D. It’s a showcase of the new wave of tag team wrestling and it gives a glimpse of the bright future that lies ahead of TNA’s tag team division.

Disc 2 highlights another veteran group of guys as it takes us inside the thought process of two TNA originals James Storm and Robert Roode of Beer Money. Previously one-half TNA’s most successful tag teams, AMW, James Storm takes us through his humble childhood to teaming with Roode. This paring is unique as they explain going from successful singles competitor to world tag team champions. Although they’ve lived completely opposite lives, you’d never know it from the great teamwork they distributed in classic matches with LAX.

Completing the two-disc set is one of TNA’s longest standing tag teams, LAX. What a great insight their commentary is because such few people know their story. Hernandez tells fans how he thought that he would never make it on U.S. television and why he was really not able to play football despite being the biggest kid in town. While Homicide takes us down memory lane as he returns to his dangerous upbringing. All of which are equally fascinating to their work distributed in the ring.

My only qualm with TNA’s newest DVD is that it fails to capture the early stages of their tag team division. This possibly being that Team 3D are the first TNA champs since the company departed from NWA or it might be due to the lack of a tag teams that were not just thrown together prior to this time. Either way, it is still a very insightful watch as you get to learn things you’d never imagine about the current tag teams within their division. Second 2 None – World’s Greatest Tag Teams is a great demonstration of what tag team wrestling is all about and is a must add to your DVD collection.

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